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vet nurse with microscope - veterinary nursing revision courses
vet nurse with microscope - veterinary nursing revision courses

Vet Times is looking for SVN writers!


Vet Times is looking for student veterinary nurses (SVNs) to submit articles to the student section of its website. 

They are looking for budding writers to provide content which is of interest to both current and prospective SVNs alike. This includes the experiences, successes and failures that come with studying veterinary nursing, extracurricular activites, and all the things that go hand-in-hand with being an SVN in the current economic and political climate!

Each post will receive remuneration based on a number of factors (content, length, commissioned topic, supporting material, etc) but will generally range from £20-£75. This will also allow authors who wish to commit to a series of shorter items the opportunity to do so, for which they would receive individual payment per post. Video blogs will also be considered.

Whether you want to air a personal opinion in a short blog post (350 words minimum), or fancy trying your hand at producing more in-depth content that involves a degree of research and/or specialist knowledge, find out more by contacting

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