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COVID testing and returning to college in 2021

The College are working hard to help students return to College Centre’s and complete their assessments with our testing arrangements. Getting tested means it will help prevent the spread of coronavirus in our community and we will be able to support students to self-isolate if necessary.

Testing is just part of the preventative measures against coronavirus, so please continue to follow the Hands, Face, Space rules.

Who should get tested?

Staff and students coming into the centres will be required to get COVID-19 tested, before returning to the centre. This will help reduce the risk of onward transmission. Failure to participate in testing may prevent you from proceeding with your assessment.

You will be tested in centre when you arrive as long as you do not have COVID-19 symptoms, or are a contact and have been advised to self-isolate. If you are self-isolating, then you can book a test with a local NHS test centre.

What to expect during the test

You will self test by swabbing the inside of both nostrils, but not the throat. The testing procedure takes approximately 30 minutes so please allow sufficient time to enable this to be carried out.   You may want to bring a book or something to read as you will have a wait of 15 minutes for the result of your test.

  • Assisted testing is available for anyone who requires support to administer their own tests.
  • Private testing spaces are available for any student to use.
  • Assistance dogs are permitted.

Students that have a negative test result will be able to proceed with their assessment. However, anyone who receives a positive test will need to leave the college and self isolate

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are self-isolating, you must not get tested using this method.

If you are feeling anxious about getting a test or have any questions please email .

We are encouraging you to use private modes of travel where possible and avoid car sharing outside your household.  If you need to use public transport, then please follow all the relevant rules around distancing and face coverings.


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