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COVID-19: Student and Employer Update Monday 2 November 2020

Following on from the government’s announcement that there will be new national restrictions come into effect on Thursday 5 November 2020, we would like to reassure students and employers that the College will  continue to provide learning to our students. Our main priority is to avoid interrupting students’ learning and allow them to achieve their qualification, while keeping them as safe as possible and minimising any risks.

The College has successfully replaced its face to face classroom lectures with live streaming and online support, allowing them to engage with their lecturers and tutors in real time either from home or from work.

For those students who are attending one of the College’s centres for essential skills training and examinations, the existing protective arrangements already in place will still apply.

We are proud of the steps and efforts being made by our staff collectively to protect future careers and give learners the ability to continue to achieve their goals.

The College of Animal Welfare expects all members of our community to follow the latest government instructions to assist with minimising the risk of spreading the virus. Further guidance and the latest updates are provided on the official Government website and the NHS website. Please also see the following resources from the World Health Organisation for more information:

Please subscribe to our newsletter, keep an eye on our blog and the student Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to stay informed of future updates.

We are keeping our employers up-to-date with regular bulletins via email, these can all be found in the Employer information area of the VLE.

We would like to thank both our students and staff who have risen to the challenge of learning and working under these challenging conditions with new approaches and embraced the opportunity to adapt to continue to develop.

We understand this may be a challenging time for some of our students and we would like to remind them that we offer a wealth of resources and services to help provide support during this time. Please see the mental health section of this page to find out more.

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