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Please remain vigilant to the many ways in which your online security can be compromised.

We have been alerted to a current scam where a member of an academic team was contacted today by someone saying they were calling from BT. They accessed their laptop and performed some action and asked them to logon to bank details. The team member was not able to login for some reason. Keeping the caller on hold, the user called BT and found that the call was not from BT. They then turned off the laptop and disconnected their internet router.

This type of cyber fraud is very worrying. Firstly as the person may have lost a great deal of money from their bank account, as well as other sensitive personal and financial data; but also because it shows that they were unaware of the ways that hackers and scammers are working to compromise systems and this lack of awareness puts personal data at risk.

As a means of trying to improve awareness of the risks their email practices pose your own e-safety and the wider college student and staff community there is an e-Security course available on the VLE that can be accessed using the e-Safety icon on the VLE home page.

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