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Level 2 dog groomer apprenticeship
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Level 2 dog groomer apprenticeship
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10 Benefits of Dog Grooming Apprenticeships

Recently we announced the launch of our highly anticipated Dog Groomer Level 2 Apprenticeship, an unmissable opportunity for budding dog groomers to embark on a rewarding career in the industry. If you’re aspiring to a career working with dogs, you might ask – what are the benefits of apprenticeship training and is it the right path for me?

Studying a dog grooming apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain practical skills and knowledge, work experience and a wage – all at the same time. Not only this, contrary to popular belief, apprenticeships aren’t just for people new to a job! They are a great path for people at any stage of their career – from those re-entering the workforce, to those wanting to reskill or change careers. So, if you’re searching for a career you’re really passionate about, perhaps after years of working in a completely different field, studying a dog grooming apprenticeship could be your ticket to a new vocation.  

Here, we explore more of the reasons why a dog grooming apprenticeship can be great path for aspiring dog groomers. Read on to find out more…

1. You’ll get paid to care for dogs every single day – right from the get go!

As a dog grooming apprentice, on-the-job training means you will benefit from having a regular income. Apprentices start earning a wage as soon as they begin their employment. The minimum wage for an apprentice in the first year of an apprenticeship currently stands at £4.30*, however many employers choose to pay more than this, and many apprentices’ earnings rise as they become more experienced and take on more responsibility. But wait, there’s more…

2. Dog grooming apprentices do not need to pay for their training

A dog grooming apprenticeship is a debt free route to a career in dog grooming. Not only will you be earning a wage, you won’t need to pay anything towards the apprenticeship fees. Apprenticeship fees are all paid by your employer! In other words, you will be able to gain new skills and experience in the workplace for FREE! What’s more – as a dog grooming apprentice at CAW you will be eligible to purchase a TOTUM card for just £12, meaning you could make big savings on many of the top brands, including Amazon, The Co-operative Food and Cineworld!

3. Our employer-focussed dog grooming apprenticeship covers industry recognised skills

Our Dog Groomer Level 2 Apprenticeship has been developed with employers in mind. This means you will be learning the skills that dog grooming employers really need. Over the course of your apprenticeship you will cover everything from bathing and drying dogs, moving and lifting dogs around the salon, breed characteristics and behaviour, preparing dogs for grooming – and much, more!  

4. Apprenticeships offer real job prospects

Becoming an apprentice has proved to lead to real job opportunities for many. Research by the National Apprenticeship Service shows that 85% of apprentices remain in employment on completion of their apprenticeship, with 64% of those staying with the same employer.* So, if job security is at the top of your list of priorities, an apprenticeship could be the most secure way to develop with further education and training.

5. Classes will be delivered virtually, meaning there is no need to visit college

Our level 2 dog groomer apprenticeship is studied on a work based learning basis, allowing you to gain those crucial, hands-on practical skills needed of a successful dog groomer. This means you may start the apprenticeship at any time of the year, and will not be required to attend college for tuition. You will instead learn in the workplace, and attend weekly virtual classes and demonstrations, delivered by our expert practical skills trainers who are well versed in delivering quality online learning. 

Click here to continue reading and discover more benefits…

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