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Is veterinary reception the career for you?


The important role that receptionists play within a veterinary setting cannot be underestimated.

As the first point of contact for every client that visits a practice, veterinary receptionists are the unsung heroes of the industry and the cogs that keep the wheel turning. If any of these veterinary receptionist skills apply to you, then this career could be for you!

You’re calm and collected – Veterinary reception is not the career for the easily stressed. As the first point of contact for every client that visits a practice, you will often be the first point of call in an emergency. You have to be calm under pressure, and be able to remain sympathetic towards upset or angry clients. This is integral to creating a caring atmosphere in practice.

You’re an animal lover – Understanding basic animal care requirements is essential to maintaining professionalism when interacting with clients. Having a passion for animals and their welfare will help you do this.

You value customer service –
Customer service in practice is important, and how dedicated you are will make all the difference between gaining loyal customers that support the practice time and time again, and disgruntled customers who take their custom elsewhere. Customers need to have confidence in the people looking after their beloved animals, and this starts right from the get go.

Does this sound like you? Start your training today!

The VetSkill Level 2 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists is designed to provide key receptionist skills tailored to a veterinary practice setting. Learners will cover how to manage the reception area, communicate confidently and effectively with clients, understand medical terminology, maintain client and business records – and much more. Find out more

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