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Veterinary Nursing – City and Guilds FAQs

Following City & Guilds’ decision to withdraw veterinary nursing from its portfolio of qualifications*, we have issued a statement and answered a number of questions you may have about what this means for veterinary nurse training: 

Does this decision by City and Guilds (C&G) mean that training for Veterinary Nursing will be stopped?

No, it will continue as before but instead of there being three awarding organisations offering a veterinary nursing qualification, there are now two.

I have just started my new veterinary nursing course at the College of Animal Welfare how does this news affect me?

All College students who started their training after 31st December 2019 are registered with Vet Skill and so this announcement makes no difference to you.

I have just finished my City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and am waiting for my certificate.  Will I still receive it?

Yes, you will.  Well done on your achievement.

If I pass my C&G qualification will I still be able to register with the RCVS?

Yes any person holding a valid qualification certificate for the C&G Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing may apply to the RCVS for Registration as a Veterinary Nurse. 

What happens if a student who is registered with C&G does not complete their qualification by the 31st August 2023?

Assuming that all our students progress as expected this should not happen because the course timetable has sufficient time before this date for you to qualify.  However, going forward the College will closely monitor each students progress to identify as quickly as possible any student who becomes at risk of this happening to.  If concerns are raised these will be discussed with individual students and their employers and a way forward determined on a case by case basis. 

I am not studying veterinary nursing at CAW.  Can you advise me on what I should do?

We are always here to help anyone as best we can but if you have any concerns you should contact your own College who will know your circumstances and will be able to best guide you.  Failing that we would recommend that you contact the RCVS for advice.

My practice is a TP with CAW how does this decision by C&G affect my status as a TP?

It does not make any difference to your TP status.

I am an Apprentice undertaking the Apprentice Standard in Veterinary Nursing.  When will I be able to complete my End Point Assessment?

It is expected that the first end point assessments will become available this Summer. 

I am a C&G SVN training at CAW will I be charged extra?

There are no extra fees involved in completing your existing course as a result of this decision by C&G.

I am a CAW TP with C&G students at CAW will I incur any extra costs as a result of this decision?

There are no extra fees involved in current C&G students completing their existing programmes.  Fees do vary between Awarding Organisations but when we moved to Vet Skill in January Vet Skills fees were made known but obviously do not relate to C&G’s decision.

View The College of Animal Welfare’s statement here.

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