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Level 2 Apprenticeship - Veterinary Care Support

Grow a loyal veterinary care support professional that meets the needs of your practice!


If you’re looking to recruit a veterinary care apprentice, or want to train up an existing member of your veterinary care team, then look no further than our Level 2 Apprenticeship in Veterinary Care Support!

This apprenticeship covers the key skillsknowledge and behaviours needed to ensure staff members maintain safe working practices and take responsibility for themselves, others and the animals in their care – coming out at the end of the programme fully equipped to thrive in their role!

Quick facts about the programme:

  • Distance learning: no college attendance required, start at any time
  • Typical duration: 12-18 months
  • 20% of time spent studying off the job
  • Cost effective apprenticeship training, fees as little as £250 for small businesses

Apprenticeships are an ideal way to increase productivity, improve performance and build a committed and skilled workforce in your practice. What’s more – apprenticeships are a cost effective way to train new or existing members of staff, as employers only pay 5% towards apprenticeship training fees!

Find out more about the Veterinary Care Support: Level 2 Apprenticeship 

If you would like to discuss apprenticeship training in further detail please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 01480 422060.