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international day of happiness
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international day of happiness
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Is it true that pets can increase our happiness?


It’s well-known that Britain are a nation of animal lovers, but could our furry friends be having a bigger impact on our happiness than we know? Studies are now suggesting that not only can owning pets increase our happiness, but improve our well-being! Take a look below at just some of the ways pets can contribute to your happiness.

Reduce loneliness

Living by yourself and coming home to an empty house each night can get lonely. Seeing how excited your pet gets when you return home is enough to cheer anyone up! What’s more – they’ll always be there to keep you company.

Get you out the house

Having a pet, more specifically a dog in this case, can encourage you to get out the house a bit more. We all know the importance of getting regular exercise, but it can be easy to forget or say we’ll do it another day. Being responsible for a dog could be the push in the right direction you need, and you’re bound to feel better for it!

Improve your social life

Walking your dog or taking them to your local park is a great way for you to meet new people. Whether it’s other dog walkers, or people wanting to come and stroke your dog, stopping and speaking to people you wouldn’t usually come into contact with can really brighten your day.

Reduce stress

Coming home and relaxing on the sofa with your pet is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day at work. What’s more – one study found that when taking part in a stressful task, participants felt less stressed when accompanied by their pets. Some even more so than when accompanied by a spouse or friend!

Unconditional love

Lastly, but arguably most importantly, pets offer unconditional love. They’ll listen to all of the things you say to them and won’t pass any judgement. No matter what happens, your pet will always provide you with companionship and support.


If you’re not in a position where you can own a pet yourself, have you considered working with animals? Click here to discover some of the rewarding careers with animals you could progress into.

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