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DNA testing scheme for great danes
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DNA testing scheme for great danes
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New DNA Testing Scheme for Great Danes

After several consultations, The Kennel Club has just approved a new DNA testing scheme for inherited myopathy of Great Danes (IMGD).

What is inherited myopathy of Great Danes?

Inherited myopathy of Great Danes is a degenerative muscle disorder that affects Great Danes. Usually, if the dog is affected, it will develop symptoms before it is one year old. The symptoms of IMGD include struggling to exercise, muscle wasting and tremors after exercising.

How is The Kennel Club helping?

The Kennel Club review many different DNA schemes alongside breed clubs. This helps to make sure breeders have the resources available to help them make responsible breeding decisions.

They work with lots of breed clubs to improve pedigree dog’s health. They are also willing to accept requests from breed clubs to add new DNA tests to their lists. However, they usually need a formal request from the breed’s health coordinator or a majority request from the breed clubs to do this.

How does it work?

After the test, results will be added to the dog’s registration details. These results then get published in the next available Breed Records Supplement.

Results will also appear on any of the dog’s new registration certificates and on the Heath Test Results Finder on the Kennel Club website.

If your dog has already been tested, you can still have their results recorded, but will need to submit copies of the DNA certificates yourself. You should send any DNA certificates to Breeder Services, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB, or scan and email them to

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