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Health and Fitness Tip of the Week: The Art of Music


When people are looking to enjoy life they often turn to music. Whether it’s a Beatle’s ballad, Mozart’s Requiem or Ed Sheeran’s latest, music plays as a background to our greatest life changing moments.

However, it may be wrong to think of it as just background music. Music can have a much more active effect on our wellbeing. According to scientists music affects the body in physical ways. It can cause changes to the elements that make up our body, how it deals with situations.

It is fairly obvious that music can make us happier, it gives us a natural high. But it can also lower stress, help you sleep better, reduce depression, even reduce your need for food and keep you slimmer. Its effects on our body can even make us run faster.

Listening to music helps our brain take in information. It can help you learn, increase your ability to think and your verbal skills. Most importantly it can keep your brain young.

Then there is the known uses of music as medicine. It can help dementia sufferers regain their memory, overcome pain, counteract stroke effects on the brain and help patients prepare for and recover from surgery.

All of these are affected by listening to music but the effects are amplified when the subject is actively involved, either playing music instruments or just simply singing. Music should not stay in the background. Bring it to the front of your life.

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