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Health and fitness Tip of the Month: Pets

It has long been known that pets are great company and have been ‘man’s best friend’ for centuries. However, it is now being more commonly suggested that pets can help people of all ages with health problems. For example, recently an autistic child was helped with his communication skills by having a pet dog. It boosted his confidence and provided him with a non-judgemental companion.

Care homes often have pets visit on a regular basis for residents to stroke. People living on their own are often much calmer and feel less lonely if they have a pet. The stroking and caring has a positive effect on them and reduces anxiety.

If you do not have a pet yourself, you might have a friend or relative who would be happy for you to walk their dog. You might be able to volunteer at a pet charity or sanctuary to help look after the animals.

If you want to have a pet yourself think carefully about the costs involved and the time it takes to care for it properly but there are significant advantages in having company and something to fuss and look after.

Click here to find out more about the health benefits of having pets!

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