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Captured at  on 04Jul, 2018 by Emile Sexton Photography
Captured at  on 04Jul, 2018 by Emile Sexton Photography

Block release veterinary nurse training in Edinburgh – start as soon as this September!


If you’re looking to start training as a veterinary nurse, have you ever considered studying the Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing on a block release basis?

As a block release veterinary nursing student at The College of Animal Welfare, you would attend college in two week blocks, four times per year and be supported by online learning. Outside of college you will gain practical experience in a suitable veterinary practice, either as a paid employee or a non-employed student on work placement. There are also apprenticeship options available.

If you’re wondering whether block release study is right for you, take a look at some of the potential advantages of training this way…

  • Small class sizes: Traditionally block release programmes have much smaller class sizes than day release programmes, which could be ideal if you prefer more intimate class sizes with more one-on-one tutor support.
  • Less frequent travelling: As a day release student you would be required to travel into college weekly; therefore, if you are located too far from college to be able to do so comfortably, undertaking a block release programme and travelling into college for shorter blocks of time might work better for you.
  • Less disruption to practical work: If you learn best by undertaking practical work, it may be more appealing for you to complete theory modules in short blocks as opposed to attending college weekly.

During the course you will learn the key skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a veterinary nurse, and gain significant industry experience in a veterinary practice. Completion of the diploma will allow you to apply for professional registration as a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

If you’re interested in studying the Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing on a block release basis, there’s still time to apply for our next programme starting at our Edinburgh centre in September 2019! For more information about block release veterinary nurse training, and details about how to apply, please visit our website.

Apply to start veterinary nurse training in Edinburgh this September

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