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Black Cat Day: 5 Top Tips for Photographing Black Cats

Today is Black Cat Day!

Did you know that black cats are less likely to be adopted than cats of any other colour/s?

Rehoming statistics from the RSPCA show that black, and black and white, cats are more frequently seen in their centres, and they also take longer to find their ‘furever’ home. 

Part of the reason for their struggle is that many people still associate black cats with witchcraft and bad luck. In the age of Instagram and selfies, they have also faced an added challenge: black cats are seen as less aesthetically pleasing than their more colourful furry friends on camera, and more difficult to photograph!

We completely disagree! Black cats are beautiful; and with a little perseverance and effort, they photograph just as nicely as any other pet. Whether you’re a black cat owner, work in a rescue centre or you’re considering adopting a cat in the future; here are some top tips on photographing black cats:

  1. Pick the right time of day

Time of day is crucial to taking a good photograph of a black pet. A great time of day to shoot is the hour just before the sun sets (otherwise called the golden hour). This is because the sun is low in the sky and the light is much softer. Alternatively, you could take photographs on cloudy days so that you cat is more evenly lit. Avoid using flash if you can; although it may be tempting to use flash with a darker pet, this can often create a strange green eye effect!

  1. Choose a good background

The right background colour is especially important when you’re taking a photo of a black cat. Ideally, you’re looking for good contrast colours that complement black well. For example, if you get down low you could shoot upwards and get the blue sky as your background, as blues contrast nicely with black fur.

  1. Capture your pet’s eyes

Capturing dark eyes against dark fur can sometimes be difficult, however one way to achieve this is to hold something near to the camera, such as a toy, and shooting from above if your cat has lots of fur. This will allow the fur to fall back away from the eyes. Plus, it can be very cute angle! 

  1. Take a silhouette photograph

Have you thought about taking a silhouette photograph? Black cats will suit this fantastically as, after all, they’re black! The best way to shoot is with the sun behind your cat, during the golden hour at dawn or dusk.

  1. Go outside

If your house isn’t particularly well lit, you may find your cat looks like a black blob when you photograph them. If this is the case, follow the natural light and go outside.

Remember, practice makes perfect and trial and error is your best friend. Find what works for you and your dog, run with it, and you’ll be taking fantastic photographs in no time! If photography is a passion or hobby for you, you could even consider studying a pet photography course as a fun way to boost your skills.

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