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Challenge yourself in your animal care role
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Challenge yourself in your animal care role
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4 Ways you can Challenge Yourself in your Animal Care Role


There are a variety of different job roles in the animal care industry and in every one of them you can be sure that no two days are ever the same. This is already a challenge in itself, but if you’re looking for a way to feel continuously challenged and motivated in your animal care role, take a look at the tips below…

Set yourself measurable goals

Having small, measurable goals to work towards on a regular basis can be helpful in keeping you motivated. When deciding on objectives for yourself, they should be challenging but realistic; setting yourself unattainable targets will only dishearten you.

Additionally, you’ll want to define deadlines for each of your goals. Knowing you only have so much time to reach a target gives you a sense of urgency is often motivating. As Parkinson’s Law states: “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”.

Animal care roles vary massively, and within the workplace no two days are the same. With this in mind, your goals could be anything from dealing with an unexpected situation (such as a nervous or aggressive animal) without any help from your manager, to improving your communication skills and being able to answer any queries owners might have.

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