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Accounting For The New Generation: Why Start A Career In Finance?

The world of accounting and bookkeeping, and the world of finance in general, is continually changing as it adapts to the world around it and the new generations. So why does it make such a good career for the new generation of students? A lot of it stems from the fact that career priorities are changing with each new generation that enters the workforce with Gen-Z putting the focus on stable career paths, healthy work-life balance and competitive salary and benefits, all of which a career in finance offers. But, accounting provides a lot more than that. We’ve looked at many of the benefits to following a career in accounting and why it’s a pathway that’s perfect for so many young people.

Long term career plans

Accounting and bookkeeping are skills that are needed for any organisation to function. This makes accountants and bookkeepers incredibly important roles and makes a career in finance one of the most stable careers in the current economy. A lot of Gen-Z have a growth mindset and since there is often a clear career path that can be taken within a career in finance, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to know they have progression available in their career.. Even studying AAT with CAW has a clear study path through the levels 2, 3 and 4 to continually allow students to develop and progress their knowledge and career.

Finance is a dynamic industry

Studying with AAT and gaining an accounting or bookkeeping qualification opens up a whole range of job options with strong earning potential, particularly as the role progresses. Some possible roles include accounts assistant, payroll manager, commercial analyst, credit controller, tax trainee, purchase/sales ledger clerk, cashier or bookkeeper.

The finance industry goes hand-in-hand with sustainability

Sustainability is undeniably important, and is often at the forefront of many young people’s objectives when it comes to deciding on a career. With the changing world around us, most careers have had to adapt to include sustainability in some way and finance is no different, with sustainability reporting and analysis becoming an integrated part of many finance careers. Accounting and bookkeeping can also appeal to the new generation because it can help make a positive change in the world through national economic stability.

Work worldwide

As we’ve touched upon higher up, accounting and bookkeeping are skills that are needed in every organisation which means that a career in accounting or bookkeeping could take you to anywhere in the world. This in turn provides an opportunity for great work-life balance as accountants and bookkeepers could see the world, travel and explore all whilst maintaining a stable career.

Great earning potential

As accounting is an in-demand profession, with lots of opportunity for development, it only makes sense that the earning potential of an accountant reflects this. A 2018 survey showed that those without a formal accounting qualification earned on average £45,974 in the UK and those with a formal accounting qualification, like our AAT qualifications, earned an average of £64,220 in the UK. Of course, this number is an average across all surveyed including some working part time and some in management positions but the earning potential of accounting and bookkeeping, particularly as experience and qualifications increase, makes it a great career choice.

Sound ideal? Our AAT applications, which will not only give you a good basis to start or advance your career in finance, but will also have an evidenced effect on your earning potential, are open for applications ready to start this September! You can find all of the courses, fee information and apply now on our dedicated AAT Courses page.

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