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Job title Location Posted
RVN Heartland Veterinary Services Ltd Pitlochry/Aberfeldy Sep, 19 Full-Time
Veterinary Surgeon Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic Dubai Sep, 18 Full-Time
Head nurse Position Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic Dubai Sep, 18 Full-Time
Academic Support Assistant - Leeds The College of Animal Welfare Leeds/Tingley Sep, 18 Full-Time
Veterinary Surgeon - Swansea PDSA Swansea Sep, 18 Full-Time
1st or 2nd year student The Johnston Veterinary Clinic Wellingborough Sep, 14 Full-Time
RVN Swayne and Partners BURY ST EDMUNDS Sep, 12 Full-Time
Veterinary Surgeon - Huyton, Liverpool PDSA Huyton, Liverpool Sep, 12 Full-Time
RVN or soon to be Qualified Isle Veterinary Group Ely Sep, 11 Full-Time
Veterinary Surgeon - Stoke PDSA Stoke Sep, 11 Full-Time
Veterinary Surgeon - Liverpool, Kirkdale PDSA Kirkdale Sep, 11 Full-Time
Student Veterinary Nurse Vet4Life limited Suribtion Sep, 08 Full-Time
Student Nurse Placement Sandrina Mckinnell Derby/Nottingham area Sep, 07 Full-Time
Student Veterinary Nurse Park Veterinary Centre Watford Sep, 07 Full-Time
Head of Veterinary Studies - Potters Bar The College of Animal Welfare Potters Bar Sep, 06 Full-Time
Veterinary Nurse - Leicester PDSA Leicester Sep, 06 Full-Time
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon - Margate PDSA Margate Sep, 05 Full-Time
Head Nurse - 100% Equine Practice Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic Abbots Ripton, near Huntingdon Sep, 04 Full-Time
Veterinary Surgeon - Bradford PDSA Bradford Sep, 04 Full-Time
Veterinary Nurse Oadby Vets4Pets Oadby, Leicester Sep, 01 Full-Time