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The Dog Breed Selector


The Discovery Chanels; ‘Animal Planet’ has a new dog breed selector allowing you to find your perfect dog breed based on your own unique wants and needs.

  1. What size dog are you interested in?
  2. How energetic do you want your new dog to be?
  3. How much time can you devote to excercising your dog daily?
  4. How often will you be able to play with your new dog?
  5. How effectionate would you like your dog to be?
  6. Do you have other pets?
  7. How trainable would you like your dog to be?
  8. How protective do you want your new dog to be?
  9. How much maintenance and grooming are you able to provide for your dog?
  10. What kind of temperature tolerance does your new dog need to have?

Visit the ‘Dog Breed Selector‘.

Tell us what dogs you ended up with, in the comments box below.


  1. I got an Afghan Hound. Unusual choice – I don’t believe I’ve ever met one in the UK!

  2. It worked for me! My perfect breed is a Border Collie according to this, and I have two!

  3. American Water Spaniel (96% Match), seems like a great dog for me, totally different from my current Yorkie/Toy-Poodle cross though!

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